Thursday, May 27, 2010

Here I sit still.

It made me
the monotony
of yesterdays tommorrows
blended together,
and then it hit me.
an 18-wheeler slamming the deer.
nostalgia for green grass,
the rythmn of a ball
between my feet.
the deepest longing,
Pure desire,
for that future dream.
Hurry Up!
and get here already.
But still the vision is clouded,
and I know not where I am going.
All I can say is:
There is always tommorrow.
And the beauty of yesterday
still sitting on my tongue.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Long (and) Overdue Blog Post

A Long (and) Overdue Blog Post

I know, I know it has been waaay too long since I have posted. Pinky swear I will be better. I think it might be like what Caleb Barton says about blogging and having too much time. I am busy and lazy at the same time. Being home is….really have no word to fill in the blank there. What I do have is this:

Some reasons why I love being home:

1. Mom’s cooking: definitely tops the Cannon any day of the week, especially on the nights(like tonight) when we make our own magic cookie bars.

2. Family time: All the nights that we are laughing so hard that we forget why we are laughing. Making fun of each other to no end(BOOM! roasted) and making up more inside jokes. But I also enjoy the solemn moments that we have had these last couple weeks. These truly are my favorite people in the world.

3. My own bedroom: Yes. Yes of course I miss these girls. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy my own closet, my own bathroom, and my bed at home.

4. Baby Alexandria: Spending time with this girl is pretty much my new favorite pastime. She is currently the number one in my heart :) Who wouldn’t fall in love with this cutie?

5..5. Cardio kickboxing, Wii style: Victoria watch out! I am starting to do about 500 punches a day.

A couple of things I dislike about being home:

1. Boredom: I still have no job, no schoolwork, and no sports to play. I have got to get a job or I may just go insane with complete boredom. Maybe it’s like Jodes says in this post.

2. BYU Nostalgia: Verb-meaning to miss lots of friends from BYU and wishing one could just replay all the fun times we have had together. Especially missing this girl(though funny postcards from London make it a bit better) and times like this:

3. “The adjustment period:” This is my mom’s way of describing the arguments, sassiness, and general rudeness of my behavior, directed at various immediate family members. Apparently, I am not “adjusting” very well to living under someone else’s roof and rules.

Some new goals I have for this summer:

1. Reread the Book of Mormon, and read at least two conference talks a week.

2. Exercise 3-5 times per week, and eventually build up to running a couple of 5Ks.

3. Become a WWE wrestler. Sure, I might need a boob job and maybe a tummy tuck in a few years, but it will all be worth it for a couple minutes of fame and glory. Plus, who would dare to dispute the fact that I would be awesome at beating the Murphy* out of some girl.

*Murphy is an adequate substitution for a swear word.