Tuesday, May 29, 2012


There's the big red book for life events.

The little handheld notebook cradled in real Italian leather.

And the spiral bound notebook with a manila cover.

Oh, and of course the olive green Moleskin.

And now: here is this navy blue practical-looking blank journal.

The greatest thing is it's blank. Just waiting.

Waiting for all my thoughts, ideas, dreams, and secrets.

It starts living today, as I breath new life with my pen.

A little piece of me is rekindled, shed my melancholic apathy and rise with new blood pumping.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dreamy Indulgences

Dreamer in the city
with my little dog
the incessant voice
screaming Run
It's quieter here.
nearly a whisper
next to the sounds of the bus
the bmw
and the couple saying goodbye.
If I could
just live here
in a small apartment
above the corner liquor
with my rockstar dog
and faux fur rug,
post it notes
above the mirror
blaring self-affirmations
and to-do list items.
If I could
my suburban mom
minivan and soccer balls
It's the predictable life
That I'm bound for.
But if I were to shut the blinds
on the window into
my next life.
This is where I would come.
the people live in color here.
they don't let life get in the way
of their living.
There's big boots and tight pants,
she's bound for her
daily soy latte frappacino.
And waiting for the light is
Man in Toms wearing hipster glasses
running to his Save America meeting.
There's the pixie who hands over my soft serve
smoothing her purple hair and smiling
that impish grin.
People watching never gets boring here.
And all the millions of lights
and sounds
they soak into my skin
Let me breath in all of this before I starve the dream
quickly gaining sustenance collected on the streets.