Friday, February 17, 2012

A Letter to the Future

squishy mud
and melting mountains
wet black streets
and my own cold fingers
pressed to each other.
Please stop by for groceries while you're out.
And there's a list I have for you on the kitchen table:
1. Change light bulbs
2. Unclog the drain
3. Fix the step
I promise once
you hurry home
dinner will be ready
and your collar starched
for tomorrow.
If you could just drive a little faster.
I'm not terribly patient,
and the slow ticking of the clock,
solitary mug,
and unkissed lips,
they all sing for you.
Hurry home.

To the few readers out there:
It's been awhile. Months, now. But I am back. Full force and sharing again, I am back.

Yours truly,

Miss M