Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dear Blogging World:

I write to you now, as I finally reflect on the absence of posts that these summer months have brought on. It is not that I have forgotten you, simply that I have currently stepped back into my own little cocoon. My home, family, the nearest and the dearest. The way the squirrels chase each other back and forth across the branches of the oak tree outside my bedroom window. Sunshine on my back and face, falling across my body like a warming caress. Deep breaths in and out, the serenity of the smell of earth through my head. Wisdom from my Babu, giggles from my favorite little one, smiles and kisses and love.
This is what I live for. What we all live for: Love.
To love and be loved. God is love. And that is our purpose: to return to our Father on High, and present him with the greatest stories of love we have the power to create now. The most beautiful, least selfish act in the world. This is my existence. My own: I am that I am. And this is what I send out into the world from my heart, because it can certainly carry a lot of love.

Create your own story, and make sure you include the important characters.

Joyfully yours,

Miss M