Saturday, April 14, 2012

It was the sunset that saved me.

The way the colors
bled and ached
across the sky
matched my
ever-whirling body.
And on the left
the steep
snow-capped mountains
golden with light
and piercing
the ever blue
clear sky.
It was the sunset
that saved me.
Not your arms
or your insistent mouth.
Not your big laugh,
nor that earnest look
you have when
I babble on
for far too long.
This time--
it wasn't you.
It was this moment
I have carved
for myself
the smell of bacon
this grandma bench
and just the clear air
in. out.
in. out.
just this for now.
solid below
and liquid above.
one day
there will be peace&sweet
for hours upon hours
For now all I have is the
precious few moments.
And yes,
the sunset that saved me.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

All For Your Good

And when I have
on this small plateau
the colors strike me
all at once
pierce my very
cause me to crumble
some might call
this pause
as hallowed as it is
for me,
infantile or distracted.
I choose
childlike awe
dumbstruck wonder.
It seems to all align,
for once.
the reflection of light
and the daily noisings
into one simple
beautiful Aria
sent from the heavens
the whole span of greatness
all works in harmony
in this single moment.
To top it off:
It's springtime.
I have no urge to run.