Friday, January 29, 2010


A new beginning. The first step on a journey. A fresh page. This first entry is a lot like the first speaker, it sets the tone. As a rule, the first speaker should be good, but not so good that the bar is set too high for those following. Therefore, this post will hopefully hold your attention long enough to at least read its entirety, and hopefully leave you wanting more.

I sit here in the dark huddled underneath cozy blankets and bathed in the light radiating from my laptop screen. I am the picture of the classic college girl, with my earphones in, a computer in my lap, frizzy hair, and a look in my eyes that can only be aquired by staring at a computer screen for far too long. 12:30am. Contemplating sleep.

Contemplating: My life is nothing if not seemingly ordinary. I find myself wondering who will actually take a moment to read my random thoughts on life. But I guess that is exactly what Anne Frank thought when she wrote her diary, and she has now been capitulated to stardom, or perhaps more appropriately, martyrdom. However, I must offer the disclaimer that it is not my intention to achieve fame through this blog. Rather, it is a place for my thoughts to go. Instead of wandering around aimlessly through space, my thoughts will be contained for a brief moment on this page. Thoughts that come in many a form, sometimes dreams, hopes, opinions, sometimes poems or pictures, oftentimes a random blur of ideas. My mind offers nothing but musings, though I am anything but a muse.

Bye for now,

Miss M